At the Nordic Congress of General Practice, you get the opportunity to visit a clinic located in the Northern region of Denmark.

In addition to traditional practices such as single-handed practice (Danish term: solo praksis), partnership practice (Danish term: kompagniskabspraksis) and cooperation practice (Danish term: samarbejdspraksis), there are also many practices that experiment with different organizational forms. Practices that put the staff in front, practices that have one owner and several general practitioners employed, as well as many other new thoughts and ideas.

Practice visit are for both national and international delegates and it is an opportunity to exchange ideas and reflect on similarities and differences between general practices in the Nordic countries.

Overall it is our hope to give the congress delegates a sense of how different and yet alike general practice is functioning here in Denmark and abroad.

Practical information:
The visits will take place on Monday 17 June between 10 am and 2 pm and they will last approximately one and a half hour.
The visits will be organized in groups of 8-10 doctors and the language spoken on the tour will be English.
In Aalborg, the clinics are situated in places that can be reached by foot or public transportation. There will be arranged buses to bring you to clinics located outside Aalborg city.

You can register for a practice visit when you register for the congress. There are a limited number of visits available and they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. The practice visits are free, but because of the great interest it is important that you inform the Congress Secretariat if you are no longer able to participate. The registration for practice visit closes on Friday 31 May. 

The practices are:

Wiebke Otten, Brønderslev, solo (single-handed) practice

Regionsklinikken Øster Jølby, Øster Jølby, regional clinic - Fully booked

Lægehuset i Støvring, Støvring, partnership practice

Esben Sevelsted, Aalborg, partnership practice - Fully booked

Lægerne Svenstrup, Svenstrup, partnership practice

Lægerne Siersbæk & Engel, Nørresundby, cooperation practice

Lægerne Bjerre & Jacobsen, Erslev, partnership practice

Lægerne Sløjfen, Aalborg Ø, partnership practice - Fully booked

Lægerne Kennedy Arkaden, Aalborg C., cooperation practice

Familielægerne, Aalborg, cooperation practice - Fully booked

Lægerne Hasseris, Aalborg, cooperation practice

Lægerne Sulsted, Sulsted, cooperation practice


 Wiebke Otten, Brønderslev, solo (single-handed) practice

  1. My general practice is a solo practice. I have nine staff members employed, although not all on full time: two nurses, two receptionists, two medical students, one GP receptionist trainee, one practice manager, one cleaner and medical trainees.

    The clinic has approx. 1,800 patients listed. Most of our patients are older than the median age of citizens in the region, and specifically women over 65 years of age are listed with us. Our oldest patient is 106 years old. In addition to the scheduled appointments, we offer an “emergency block” every day. Here, we ensure that emergency cases are dealt with by the most appropriate employee. This also ensures that all staff members get to use their skills and resources. Perhaps the patient “only” needs to contact a competent receptionist? I also work as an elderly care physician at a nursing home.

    Originally, I come from Germany, where I studied medicine and worked for a year and a half as a doctor before settling down in Denmark. I now live with my family at the very smallholding at which I used to spend my holidays as a child. I love this small spot of Denmark so much that I had to move here.

  2. Regionsklinikken Øster Jølby, Øster Jølby, regional clinic - Fully booked

    The Regional Clinic in Oester Joelby is an unconventional organization. We form part of the "New Ways" project, which is a trial and development programme that tests new models for management, collaboration and organization in general practice and across healthcare sectors.

    Patient care is viewed as a joint responsibility between general practice, hospital and the municipality. The main goal is to offer well-coordinated treatments for the patients. Evaluations of several development initiatives, including video consultations, are currently ongoing.

  3. Lægehuset i Støvring, Støvring, partnership practice

    We are a partnership practice with approx. 4,800 listed patients, and we are located in a “suburb” to Aalborg. We are three GPs, one medical trainee, two nurses and two receptionists. We work as a team, and we prioritize professional and social back-and-forth. Our values are professionalism, respect and trust. Our mission is to find the sick, help the healthy stay healthy, and support the chronically ill to the best possible health. In short, we have a dual role of investigator and coordinator.

  4. Esben Sevelsted, Aalborg, partnership practice - Fully booked

    The general practice is located at the centre of Aalborg. We are a partnership practice with two doctors, but our staff also includes three nurses, medical trainees and medical students.

    We work in accordance with current standards and guidelines, but we attach great importance to individual needs, and this serves as the fundamental basis for our activities. Therefore, our motto is a quote from Pippi Longstocking, a children's book by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, “If you are very strong, you must also be very kind”.

    We have 3,500 listed patients; a large proportion of our patients have immigrant background. We also serve as elderly care physicians at a nursing home.

    We would be delighted to welcome conference attendees to our clinic.

  5. Lægerne Svenstrup, Svenstrup, partnership practice

    We would like to invite you to see our medical centre near Aalborg, where about 9,500 patients are listed.

    We would like to show you the medical centre and talk about how we are organized, including how our staff and trainee doctors are involved in the daily work.

    We guarantee that you will meet enthusiastic GPs who will be eager to discuss our daily work and how we are organized.

  6. Lægerne Siersbæk & Engel, Nørresundby, cooperation practice

    Our general practice is located in the city of Nørresundby, twin city of Aalborg, at premises in close proximity to the fjord. Our practice is fairly small-sized, with only approximately 3400 patients listed. The practice is jointly owned by my wife and me. We are both GPs, and we both work in our practice. An additional GP is also affiliated; she is currently preparing to become the third partner in our general practice. We usually also have 1-2 medical trainees. Our staff includes two experienced GP receptionists, who both perform administrative tasks and provide nursing services, including standard consultations for chronic disease, blood tests and lung function tests.

    We give high priority to accessibility. If desired, our patients can always book a consultation on the same day or next day. We place great emphasis on the contact between patient and GP; this is done in consideration of the patients, but we also believe that it is in our own interest. This may seem a slightly old-fashioned approach, but it works for us.

    We both do a lot of work "outside" our practice. My partner is engaged in "Nordkap", and I am employed with the Air Ambulance Division, North Flying. Therefore, we are both regularly abroad, and this is the reason why we have chosen to adopt a somewhat high staffing level.

  7. Lægerne Bjerre & Jacobsen, Erslev, partnership practice

    At our clinic, we emphasise the importance of high accessibility. Our high staffing level ensures that the phone is answered, and we have emergency numbers that can be used if the caller cannot get through via the regular phone number. We also offer e-consultations, and we have regular contact with the municipal in-home care services for the elderly.

    We offer “same day appointment” every day. If a listed patient calls us before 9 a.m., the patient is offered an appointment on the same day. This arrangement applies to both acute health problems and conditions that need to be assessed. However, “same day appointment” is not offered for prophylactic consultations or for issuance of medical certificates.

    Chronic care is usually provided by a nurse. In addition, one annual consultation is provided by a GP, including an annual medication review. 

  8. Lægerne Sløjfen, Aalborg Ø, partnership practice - Fully booked

    "Sløjfen Medical Practitioners" is a GP primary care clinic with 9,000 listed patients. We are located in the Eastern part of Aalborg, a district known for its socioeconomically deprived population.

    We are two GPs and nine nurses, who work in teams – supported by other staff – to provide care for the patients. This set-up means that the nurse is the primary relation for the patient, whereas the doctors assume the role of supervisors.

    Our primary aim is to create learning in every situation from clinical decisions for the benefit of the patient, while fostering a positive work environment. 

  9. Lægerne Kennedy Arkaden, Aalborg C., cooperation practice

    We are a partnership practice consisting of three GPs, and our practice is based in the centre of Aalborg. We have approximately 4,300 listed patients. Our GPs also serve as elderly care physicians at a large nursing home, which is located close to our practice.

    We have two nurses employed and a receptionist. We also have several medical trainees.

    The GPs take an active part in a wide range of activities, including quality and consultancy work, teaching of medical students, continuing education and cooperation with the municipality. This is also the reason why our GPs do not work full-time at our practice.

  10. Familielægerne, Aalborg, cooperation practice - Fully booked

    "The Family Doctors" is a young and modern general practice consisting of four general practitioners (GPs) in partnership. We opened in 2017 after taking over a temporary medical service in an area that – despite its location in Denmark’s fourth largest city – had previously shown difficulty with attracting GPs.

    We focus a lot on innovation, but the most important thing for us is still the good meeting with and the knowledge of the patient. We aim for high availability and offer '’same-day appointments” and a skilled staff who are able to both work independently and support the medical work. So, here at Østre Havn in Aalborg, we are actually well on the way towards the good life in general practice.

    We hope that you would like to visit us and see for yourself. 

  11. Lægerne Hasseris, Aalborg, cooperation practice

    We are a partnership practice consisting of four GPs. Our practice is located in Aalborg in the part of town called Hasseris. We are two female GPs and two male GPs, and we have approximately 6,600 listed patients.

    We have two nurses employed, who provide independent consultations with our patients. We also have three receptionists employed, who perform paraclinical tests and administrative tasks. Moreover, we have 1-2 medical trainees. We all benefit from and are inspired by the active involvement of trainees.

    In recent years, we have worked actively with systematising our chronic care management and yet ensuring sufficient time to care for our acutely ill patients or worried patients. This means that we usually have short waiting time for everyone. 

  12. Lægerne Sulsted, Sulsted, cooperation practice

    "Sulsted Medical Clinic" is a partnership practice with four doctors, and the clinic is located 15 km north of Aalborg. We aim for high treatment quality, accessibility and continuity, although we have as many as 8,500 listed patients. We greatly depend on independent and highly skilled professional staff who are willing to learn and take on new tasks. Yet, we always stand shoulder to shoulder; teamwork, job satisfaction and knowledge of the patient are the means.

    We look forward to presenting our clinic to colleagues from near and far and discussing visions for running a modern practice.